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30-Day Action Plan & Vision Board Challenge

December 6, 2015

vision boardThe close of 2015 nears.  Do a 30-day action plan for your business or your personal life.  Make a Vision Board.

I am all about ACTION plans, thanks to my lawyer coach Cordell Parvin and my favorite bedtime reading lately The Secret Daily Teachings, by Rhonda Byrne.

We have to put our goals and visions in writing (I use excel spreadsheet for my action plan and print it out).  It works.   I cannot believe all the things I did in the last 90 days thanks to writing them down.

Create a vision board for what you want.   Check out vision boards on Pinterest.  There are tons of articles on how to create one.  Here is one: Vision Board 101.   Here is another: Why You Need a Vision Board.

We are supposed to review the plan and vision board often, daily.

Admittedly, I don’t have a Vision Board for 2015 or 2016 but I want to create one.  If you do one, I will do one too.

Email me your action plan or vision board and I will email or text you mine.



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