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Business and Bankruptcy Attorney Salene Mazur Kraemer’s Photography Exhibit Pays Tribute to WV Roots

January 6, 2017


Salene Kraemer is a corporate and business bankruptcy attorney.  She is concluding a photography exhibit that was on display from October- January 9, 2017 at Summit Gallery in Weirton, WV.

A native of Weirton, WV,  Salene is a travel photojournalist.   This is an excerpt from the Opening Artist Reception, October 19, 2016.


“I display work from these collections: 1) Weirton Steel: Skylines, People, Signs, Shapes, img_4290Decay; 2) Clendendin, WV- The 1,000 Year Flood; 3) St. Paul’s Catholic Church; 4)  Savannah, GA; 5) Wheelwright, KY; and 6) 2016 Iphone Shots.

Colors, shapes, lines, smells, cityscapes. They invoke memories, a sense of place. They tell a story. The projects on display tell my story.  Weirton and St. Paul’s Church are of two places that have profoundly impacted my character.  Growing up in Weirton was a unique experience for which I am grateful.  These pictures remind me of my idyllic childhood in an ethnically diverse, once economically homogeneous town where most kids’ dads worked in the mill and self-made grandparents immigrated here from eastern Europe.  While some of the images intentionally expose the extent of the disrepair and urban blight present at the now barely operational mill site, all of the images invoke a sense of place, loyalty, pride, nostalgia, gratitude for the people that have come before me.   In 2013, as parts of the mill were being demolished, I felt compelled to stop my car, get out and take photos.  The Weirton Steel project has been a 3-year project. St. Paul’s Catholic Church has been of long-standing importance to my family since 1910, when my Italian ancestors first moved to Weirton. These photos were captured at a 4 p.m. Saturday evening mass.”

Here is a link to the newspaper coverage of the event.

When you are a services professional, so much of everything you do is brand building and widely disseminating helpful information about your area of expertise. My hobby of photography can serve me well in this regard. I choose to share photos that speak to who I am and the things that really matter to me.   In turn,  others (hopefully potential clients) see the lense through which I, as a turnaround consultant and business lawyer, view and experience my work and the world.  Here is a blog post regarding using a hobby in your business development:  Integrating My Photography with My Law Firm Business Development.

You can catch a last glimpse of the show at Summit Gallery  3393 Main Street Weirton, WV 26062. Visit by private appointment []. See Bonnie Burskey. 304.797-7001.

After January 9, 2017, some of the pieces will be donated to the Weirton Museum and Cultural Center, Mary H. Weir Public Library, the Weirton Chamber of Commerce and St. Paul’s Catholic Church.  A few select pieces will be on display at Bowles Rice Southpointe Office.

You can follow Salene’s photography here: Facebook Page:  or on Salene’s instagram:





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  1. January 6, 2017 10:58 pm

    Salene is very wise in noting that this is about brand building as a services professional, her photography speaks to her creativity, sense of community and hard work! All good things that would make a client proud.
    Wishing her all the best in this new year.

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