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Random Act of Linkedin Kindness: Human Action and Generosity

September 29, 2016

img_6159-1Last week was my birthday.  Linkedin shot out its Birthday Notifications.  I received an email from my long-time Linkedin Colleague NY and MA employment and business attorney David G. (he wishes to remain anonymous).  He and I have been social media acquaintances for  7 years.  He has followed and encouraged me since day 1 of the start of solo lawyering.

In his email, David told me to buy tickets to any venue for my kids and me and he would gladly take care of the bill.

I was like,  WHAT?!!!!

I have never met him in person.

I bought us 3 tickets to a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game.  He told me to get the “best seats in the house” so as to make the experience memorable for my kids.  The kids were thrilled.  We painted matching P’s on our cheek with Facepaint (I wanted to get on TV).  Sure enough-  we were on national TV waving and saying, “Let’s Go Bucs”.  My kids high-fived the Pittsburgh Pierogies  (we were that close)! It was an unforgettable experience.

Social Media Marketing guru Seth Godin talks about using social media to create lasting connection and that we should avoid using it in such a way that it becomes a “useless distraction”.   See 2 minute video here.

As most of you know, I am a big fan of social media but at the same time I despise it.  In my humble opinion, the level of actual human interaction has dropped off in such a shocking precipitous fashion, much to the detriment of millions of people, I am sure.

I found this gem of a quote.

                        “The experience I have with you as a customer or a friend is far more important than a few random bits flying by on the screen. The incredible surplus of digital data means that human actions, generosity and sacrifice are more important than they ever were before”. – The Blizzard of Noise (and the Good News)

Thank you David G. for your generosity.  It will never been forgotten.    Any time I ever have a legal issue in  Massachusetts or New York, I will think of your firm first.

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