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The New Website Evolving: Part 1- Buzzwords and Color Schemes

May 20, 2014

apple-logo-colors-lines-3d              In celebration of my 5-year anniversary as a business owner, we are updating the firm brand and revising the website.  For my graphic designer, I wanted to boil down my philosophy about life, what drives me and my firm, my value set, mission statement into a laundry list of buzzwords.  I want the site and logo and photos to reflect this value set.  I thought I would share with you my process.


  • Community, connected, connectivity, group, synergy sharing, network, collaborative, includer, social, wide foot print, attraction, retention, followers, following, resolve
  • Entrepreneurial, outside the box, hear the beat of a different drum, assist serial entrepreneur clients in next venture, leadership, innovation, change, revolutionary
  • Technology, cutting edge, reengineer, SOCIAL MEDIA, breakthrough, creative, change
  • Education, information, knowledge, learner, communicator, consultant, confidante, legal and business scholars, advisor, mentorship
  • Business, boutique, niche, money, corporate, number crunchers, financial acumen
  • Power, competition, winning, pushing, being the best you can be, aggressive, firm, achiever, grinders, book worms, research mongers, orators, top notch legal skills
  • Simple, efficient, bottom line, bang for your buck, authentic, work/life balance, talk in plain English, responsive, accessible, clear, custom, self-made, work ethic
  • Bankruptcy, Turnaround, restructuring, creating simplicity from chaos/clutter, finding opportunity from difficulty, fresh start, assess risk, protect, defend, prevent
  • Positivity, growth, profitability, making livings, supporting families, revitalizing communities, change
  • Vibrance, life, joy, passion, service to others, service to community, family, children, fun



I am also updating the color scheme. Right now the colors are teal and dark grey and white. I wanted to add in a third color: chartreuse, yellow, orange, lilac. I found these color combos on Pinterest (a site I use very infrequently).  See board here. We don’t want to do too much violence to the logo and colors as they now stand.  But I think I am going to go with several colors. I like the use of shadows, shading, shades of color, reflection.

LOGO itself:  The first logo is the M and K letter melded in to one.  Like a business chart, showing growth.  I wanted hard, contemporary, lines.   This time around I think I want circles.   I will keep you posted on what evolves.

mazurkraemerlogoreflectiongreen (2)

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