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Using Social Media: Do You Know Your Neighbors’ Names?

May 1, 2013
SOURCE: Mackenzie Carpenter,

SOURCE: Mackenzie Carpenter,

A few years ago, I heard at a lecture at Pitt Law school in which the well-known speaker predicted that the future trends in technology will be SOCIAL, MOBILE, LOCAL, and VIDEO.  Lately, I have become more acutely aware of these trends.

LOCAL.  I was exercising this morning and listening to the Daily WSJ Podcast (just call 1.800.975.3916) for the latest news of the day.  The WSJ reporters were talking about the private social network for your local neighborhood called NextDoor   Here is a WSJ article re: the website.  It is a basically a site through which you can efficiently communicate with your neighbors, using an interface that is better than an email distribution list or listserv.   The journalists threw out the statistic that 28% of us do not know our neighbors’ names.  Do you?

The evolution of technology and social media never fails to impress me.  This website is a stellar example of how tech wizards keep dreaming up new ways for users to utilize the Information Highway in ways that will have a material impact on our lives at a much more local level.

MOBILE: While at the American Bankruptcy Institute Spring Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. two weeks ago, I was impressed when the event organizers announced the ABI SM2013 smartphone app that attendees could download to keep abreast of conference events and times and to download pdf materials for each of the CLE lectures.  If your business or event, doesn’t have a smartphone app, maybe it should.

When I giving a presentation to high school students yesterday at my alma mater, one of the video clips I played said, “It not going to be choice of whether we will be using social media;  it is going to be a question of how well we use it.”

How have you seen technology trends become more social, mobile, local, or video?  Is your business keeping up with times?  How well are you using social media?

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