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What Are Bloggers Saying about Your Product or Service? Learn from Maniac Magazine’s Megaphone Marketing

February 6, 2012

Last week, one of our clients Maniac Magazine, a fashion/lifestyle magazine that targets readers 25-35, held its first blogger event.  Maniac is a fashion-forward, music-minded, entertainment-driven magazine for the young-professional mind.  Check out past issues here.  At the event, they gave 40 local fashion/lifestyle bloggers a sneak peek of their February/March issue.  Employing marketing magic, Maniac turned on its firehose of social media chatter about their #maniacloveissue (this was the designated hashtag for the event for Twitter).  In between chomping on sushi and chocolate cupcakes and having one’s hair styled or cut, bloggers were encouraged to send live tweets and facebook posts from the event, either from their own laptops or ones they provided.  Check out the recent activity on Maniac’s facebook page. Here is a great sample blog post from the event written by an attendee.

Maniac Magazine is trailblazing when it comes to utilizing social media to elevate its brand and create a loyal fan/customer/advertising/reader base.  Like the magazine, each of the bloggers is likewise passionate about blogging, fashion, music and/or entertainment.  This was a smart way to get the bloggers all in one room, validate their blogs, as well as validate the bloggers’ own reader constituencies. 

It was a way to humanize Maniac as a magazine.  The bloggers could meet the editor-in-chief and even pet her dog.  Bloggers could meet some of the persons who were featured in or contributed to articles in the #maniacloveissue.  BTW, read my contribution here, The Law and Business of Retail-Why Is That Louis Vuitton Bag Never on Sale?

Maniac incentivized each blogger to serve as a megaphone for the magazine and the content contained in the issue.  Fostering ideas, promoting art, raising controversy, inspiring their readership, creating a sense of camaraderie among their reader and advertising base. 

Business Owners- Is there a blogging community that writes about your product or service?  How can you humanize your business and really drill down to your customer base?

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