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The Importance of an Elevator Pitch: If No One Knows What You Do, Who You Do It For and Why You Do It Better, How Can You Expect to Build Your Business?

January 18, 2012

I have often found  myself standing up in front of that room at that luncheon, and when it is my turn to give my elevator pitch,  I feel unprepared.  Or, I am at that networking coffee event and it is my turn to tell my colleagues what I do, and I am usually too long-winded.   The moderator begins doing the “cut across the neck” gesture.

So I ask you, by the time that your networking meeting is over, have you heard the other person’s elevator pitch: what the other person does, who her ideal client is, who a good referral is for her and how she differentiates herself in the marketplace?  Doyou convey this information during the course of that coffee?

Recently, I forced myself to write down one of my current pitches (the pitch can change based on the target client/industry that I am focusing on in the moment).   I usually have to write things down in order to memorize them.  What does your pitch sound like?  Have you ever written it down?  If you cannot convey to others exactly what you do and for whom, how can you expect to build your book of business?  So here I go:

INTRO: My name is Salene Mazur Kraemer. I am a business and bankruptcy attorney and owner of the law firm of MAZURKRAEMER Business law, a boutique business law firm.

I HELP businesses prevent or resolve business disputes and get business deals done.  Every day, I draft, review and negotiate agreements.  My services are needed in a broad range of business transactions throughout the lifecycle of a business— from incorporation to growth to reorganization to liquidation.

ONE IDEAL CLIENT FOR ME is a growth stage business in at least its third year of operation (with three or more employees, annual revenue at least $1 million).  Perhaps this business is now of a size and capability to finally hire a set of business lawyers as advisors.

AN EXAMPLE OF A CURRENT CLIENT:   We represent an internet company that tripled its revenue in the last year.  It has two principals and three employees.  This client wanted a tailored, protective, bullet proof set of legal documents to clarify all of the legal obligations and expectations of their customers, employees, vendors, equity holders, etc.  We tapped into our voracious appetite for learning, reading, and researching to educate ourselves intimately regarding this client’s industry and business model.  We reevaluated their corporate entity choice and provided a legal memorandum on laws and regulations applicable to their business.  We continue to serve in a strategic capacity, helping them tweak their business plan, working hand in hand with their officers, management consultants, insurance, accounting, marketing, and graphic design professionals to assist in taking this client’s business to the next level. 

A GOOD REFERRAL is someone who is quitting a job to start a business, selling a business, planning for the family succession of a business, filing a trademark, entering into a business contract, hiring employees, independent contractors or sales reps, leasing new space or equipment, issuing stock, borrowing money, liquidating or restructuring.


  • When your company is about to enter into an agreement with an employee, vendor, customer, landlord, or lender, think of MAZURKRAEMER. Let us draft and/or review the document to make sure it protects your interests and avoid legal action down the road.
  • If you are a creditor stuck in one of your customer’s bankruptcy claims, think of MAZURKRAEMER.  We will protect your interest so as to maximize any recovery you may be entitled to in a bankruptcy case.
  • When your company is distressed and you need to evaluate your options, think of MAZURKRAEMER. We will help you evaluate your options, so that you can move on to the great things that are in store for you and your entrepreneurial spirit.  We work earnestly with management to enable them to keep the corporate suits and ties in the closet and continue working in their own business.

WHY ME?  A connector.  Tech savvy.  Results-driven.  A business owner with an MBA.  A turnaround management consultant, I am dedicated to helping you get your deal done in the most efficient way.  Cost-conscious, I offer reasonably priced legal services, without compromising technical skill or experience.   Business savvy, I care about your business’ success and will learn as much about your business and industry as I can.

CONCLUSORY STATEMENT: Again, my name is Salene Kraemer. I am the owner of the law firm of MAZURKRAEMER– a business law firm, dedicated to reinvigorating our economy one business at a time.

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