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MAZURKRAEMER’S Focus on the Struggling Entrepreneur

July 21, 2010


We Do Bankruptcy

I love the entrepreneurial spirit.

Lives with passion.

Sees his craft in technicolor, not black and white.

Has envious discipline.

Unbelievable work ethic.

Thinks outside the box.

Hears the beat of her own drum.

Takes Risks.

Is Creative.

A Maverick.

Goes the Extra Mile.

MAZURKRAEMER helps struggling entrepreneurs do CPR on ailing enterprises, reinventing them, trimming the fat, keeping creditors at bay.  We obtain breathing room, a second chance, and  sometimes a fresh start, so that the entrepreneur can keep his or her suit and tie in the closet and avoid returning to that corporate job.

If bankruptcy is inevitable, we prepare pre-bankruptcy plans to protect the personal assets of the owners to the extent possible and maximize returns to creditors.  With integrity, we devise plans so that the owners can put their lives back together and move on to more profitable ventures.

At the same time, we are zealous advocates for companies and individuals who find themselves as creditors in bankruptcy.

When you fear bankruptcy and your business or financial worries have taken over your life, think of MAZURKRAEMER.

When one of  your customers or suppliers has filed  or is about to file for bankruptcy, think of MAZURKRAEMER.

We will help you evaluate your options, so that you can move on to the great things that are in store for you and your entrepreneurial spirit.

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