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MAZURKRAEMER Offers The Entrepreneur Package

July 21, 2010

Self-starter.  Out of the Box thinker.  Driven.  Goes the Extra Mile.  Individuals Who Do Not Fit into the Standard Mold.  Maverick.  Risk Taker.

These are all adjectives used to describe the entrepreneur.

MAZURKRAEMER wants to take the risk out of the equation when a startup hires legal counsel.  Let’s face it; hiring a lawyer can be very nerve racking.  You agree to a lawyer’s hourly billable rate and hope that he or she doesn’t eat up all of your cherished startup costs drafting you a set a bylaws.

MAZURKRAEMER is now offering to entrepreneurs a comprehensive package to create a personalized infrastructure to get your business venture up and running the right way, right from the start.

A lawyer should not be someone that you are afraid to call on the phone.  Instead, MAZURKRAEMER is trusted business advisor, a confidante whose goal it is to make your business as efficient and profitable as possible, while preventing any legal disputes that may arise.

For a fixed fee of $7,500 (plus any fixed out of pocket expenses, such as filing fees, if applicable) our firm works with you to identify and satisfy 3 of your most critical legal needs from our package of services.  Any of the 3 may be chosen:

  • Business Plan-Draft or Review
  • Entity Formation, Formation Documents
  • Federal Trademark Application
  • Real and Personal Property Lease Agreements- Review and Negotiation
  • Vendor Agreements-Review and Negotiation
  • Customers Agreements- Review and Negotiation
  • Online Terms & Conditions
  • Employment or Independent Contractor Agreements
  • Employee Manual/Handbook
  • Financing Documents- Review and Negotiation
  • Equipment Leases-Review and Negotiation
  • Regulatory and Reporting Compliance at State and Federal Levels

One half of the fee is due up front.  The other half is due in six months.

The fixed fee includes four meetings with counsel.  At the initial strategy/advisory meeting, MAZURKRAEMER will discuss all aspects of your business- tax, marketing, social media, sales, merchandising, intellectual property, payroll, human resources, IT,  etc. MAZURKRAMER also taps into its expansive network of contacts so that the client choses its vendors/professionals wisely.

Thereafter, there will be three more complimentary and critical quarterly reviews with the client to discuss where the client is and where it wants to go.  In the interim, for the first year, the client is free to email or call the firm with any questions.   Throughout the course of the year, we also can provide other critical legal documents, as needed, for the first year of your business, at an hourly rate.

Get your business started!

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