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Do You Take Advantage of Listening to Business Radio Podcasts?

May 27, 2010

Business Owners- do you take advantage of all of those free business radio programs and podcasts that are out there?

On May 20, 2010,  I had the privileged of being a guest speaker on a radio program, titled “Women Mean Business” for Pittsburgh’s The AmericanEntrepreneur radio.  One of the topics for the show was regarding PowerLink, an organization in which I participate that provides Boards to women with growing companies to help them reach their goals.  Once the discussion about PowerLink is over, investment banker and author, Carol Roth discusses the elements that are critical to getting funded and for the founder to explore thoroughly before beginning a business. Plus, Diane Pearson discusses what happens when the man retires and his wife retains her job or business.  And to wrap things up, Marsha Friedman talks about the benefits and challenges of putting your knowledge into a book and publishing it.



It has been almost 20 years since I have had anything to do with radio.  One time, in college,  since I was a student governor/senator, I was invited to participate in a radio show to talk about a social justice project on which I was working.   I remember it was an early morning taping.  I rolled out of bed and ran to the taping.  To my dread, the taping was for the college television channel, not a radio show.

What is The American Entrepreneur radio program? Although I have been back in the Pittsburgh area for 6 years now, I was not aware of the town’s Pittsburgh business radio talk show called The American Entrepreneur.   This show is dedicated to business featuring insightful interviews, essential business advice from top professionals, and answers to all your business questions.

The American Entrepreneur.  CALL LETTERS: 1360 AM.

I am a news/information junkie and seem to be addicted to imbibing information no matter what I am doing, driving, waiting for my son to fall asleep, passender riding in a car, running on the treadmill.   You can only imagine how the iphone and wireless internet have impacted my life. When I do my timesheets, I usually listen to the daily podcast of the Wall Street Journal, which btw are terrific and free.  My favorite is:

“The Wall Street Journal This Morning”

There are numerous podcasts of The American Entrepreneur available online too.  On average, there are 7,500 downloads of The American Entrepreneur podcasts per WEEK!

See interview of local Pittsburgh entrepreneur and my friend Rob Massoff.

Recently, I have had the fortunate opportunity to get to know Andrew Rossi,  the sharp-minded business development contact for The American Entrepreneur program.  If you are a business owner, particularly if in the city of Pittsburgh, I encourage you to reach out to Andrew and explore the radio show’s website.   The program beats rights with the business pulse of Pittsburgh.


Andrew Rossi
900 Parish Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
412-875-4844 (office)
412-292-6204 (mobile)

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