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January Business Spotlight- LEX Multimedia, Inc.-Kelli Olexia, McCoy, Owner

January 25, 2010

I try to meet as many business owners as possible on a weekly basis in person and via social media.  For the month of January, 2010, MAZURKRAEMER highlights the full-service advertising firm of LEX Multimedia, Inc.


I contacted this firm for assistance in exploring a marketing strategy for my new business law practice.  With a bricks and mortar location in West Virginia, in a town 35 miles outside of the city of Pittsburgh, LEX Multimedia designs marketing strategies to help local businesses grow via television, print (newspaper/magazine/phonebook/outdoor advertising, etc.), radio and the internet.  The firm services clients in Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

For TV & radio, the firm completes the script writing, producing, editing and directing of client ads.  For print ads, the firm employs professional graphic design artists to create ads, as well as logos and brochures.   LEX Multimedia also creates and maintains dynamic and interactive websites for clients.

I chose LEX Multimedia as the Business of the Month for many reasons, but two primary ones are as follows:

  • Attentive, tech-savvy customer service.
  • Commitment to improving local businesses, even in the aftermath of the collapse of the steel industry.

Tech-savvy Customer Service.

With the advent of the iphone and wireless internet, customer service has a whole new meaning.  Both good and bad [this subject matter can be a separate blog post topic in and of itself]. See Bachelet, Cesar  & Cansfield, Mike, “How has technology improved customer service?”, Borsato, Larry, “Why hasn’t all of this technology improved customer service?”, and Cohill, Andrew, “Has technology killed customer service?”,  See also funny youtube video regarding voicemail hell, something in which I often find myself.  “CinemaFone”,

LEXMultimedia, however, takes advantage of its technology resources to provide responsive customer service.  Each time I corresponded with the firm regarding any issue, the response time was startling, from a laptop, from an iphone, with a text message.

BUSINESS OWNERS:  How does your firm employ technology?  Does it use it to improve customer service? Or, it is having the opposing effect?

Commitment to Improving Local Businesses

Kelli Olexia, McCoy, Owner

I have known the owner of LEX Multimedia, Kelli Olexia McCoy for many years.  She has always been a charismatic, driven individual who accomplishes remarkable things (i.e., she was on Star Search when we were 10!!).  She is a former television news anchor and reporter.  She began her award-winning career as a journalist in the Steubenville, OH/Wheeling, WV market at WTOV-TV (NBC) and then in Pittsburgh at KDKA-TV (CBS) where she was a reporter and anchor of KDKA-TV News This Morning and KDKA-TV News at Noon.   She opened LEX Multimedia in June 2008.

Ms. McCoy is the type of person who has the intelligence, talent, drive, and good looks to work anywhere in the country.  She chooses to employ her talent in the Pittsburgh/WV region.    Also, from the LEX Multimedia website, you can read about the firm’s clear commitment to helping local businesses, whether large or small, to get to the next level.  No business is “too small” for the firm.

Just as Kelli was regarding the initiation of my practice, I am sure Ms. McCoy brings the same contagious enthusiasm to all of her clients. Talented people like Kelli Olexia McCoy are the people who can help restore the Pittsburgh region back to the booming economy it was, prior to the collapse of the steel industry.  Having grown up in the same steel-mill town as Kelli, I am really thankful for that.  With her contributions, I continue to remain hopeful for this region’s progress.  See also Miller, Harold, “Pittsburgh’s Future: Are People Fleeing the Pittsburgh Region?”,

Congratulations, LEX Multimedia, Inc.  Keep up the good work.

For more information on LEX Multimedia, see
Phone: 304.748.LEXX, Fax: 304.748.3848.  Email:

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